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Girlhood Textile Art

Baroque Style Needlepoint Picture

18th Century tent stitch needlework of flowers. Exceptionally small stitches. English or American. About 32 inches x 22 inches apart from frame.

Canvas work circa 1850

This canvas work picture apparently derives from an illustration in Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin. The book greatly strengthened the abolitionist movement in America since it forced people to recognize the evils of slavery.

Dutch darning sampler

A very special piece done in gold thread and blue silk. The stitchery is masterful not only in terms of the darning patches but the cut work is superb. The design of the piece is well beyond what we normally see in this type of work. Unfortunately, the stitched verse which goes all the way around is not easily read so the girl's name is not discernible.

Exceptional Dutch Darning Sampler

The needlework on this piece is exemplary. Sara Levina Clearbout included the name of her teacher Arianade Vros on the work which is dated 1802. Sara was born in 1790 to Jacob Clearbout and Maria Cappon in Midelburg, Zeeland, the Netherlands. She married Johan Pieter Herklots in 1814 and had at least two daughters. She died September 13, 1854. According to the notation on the backing paper it was purchased from the family in about 1900. Barta sold it to the McNarey family shorterly after where it remained until 1990.

Frost Lion Rug

This highly collectible Frost pattern rug has great color. Because of the fragile nature of the substrate this rug has been backed and areas of weakness skillfully repaired. The were no holes but without restoration they certainly would have developed. Despite the fact that these rugs were all worked from the same pattern, there was still a lot of latitude in interpertation. The faces of the lions on this one are adorable.

Genealogy Sampler Crosby Family

Embroidered silk on linen from a Hebron, New Hampshire family with extensive genealogy records in Ancestry which will be included.

Nautical Hooked Rug

Exceptional hooked rug showing a ship in a rough sea. The frayed edges have been covered with binding tape otherwise perfect. Approximately 26 x 44 inches.

Rare Sea Themed Theorem

Most theorems were of various forms of fruit and made as pictures. This was most likely made as a pillow, a popular baby present. It's unusual in the amount and skill of watercolor detail painted over the theorem shapes. This one is edged in blue ribbon. A fruit themed one of similar shape is found in the Katcher Collection and dated to NJ about 1840 in the catalog for "the Instruction of Young Ladies." at the exhibit of that name in the Fenimore Art Musuem Cooperstown, NY in 2016.

Theorem featuring grapes

More elaborate and larget than most this theorem makes grapes its primary theme including an imaginative grape vine and a blue and white bowl spilling fruit and perched on a table which underlies the composition.

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